Spa Model Jets Adults Special Hot Tub Features
Aria Hot Tub: Aria Spa 35 5 The Aria™ spa is a Consumers Digest Best Buy! This model includes exclusives like the Moto-Massage® DX jet and the advanced technology of our Tri-X® filters, along with special features like Precision® jets in the calf area of the lounge for enhanced hydromassage. The sleek cabinet profile adds a contemporary flair to any backyard. Relax to the sound of your favorite song playing on an optional music system.  7' 3" x 7' 3" x 36"H (2.20m x 2.20m x .91m H)
Vista Hot Tub: Vista Spa 47 6 The Vista® hot tub features 47 jets and two 2.5 horsepower jet pumps. Its extremely comfortable lounge accommodates a wide range of heights, while its corner seats deliver a variety of targeted back, wrist and calf hydromassage options. The Vista hot tub includes the Moto-Massage® DX Jet and the BellaFontana® water feature. And our optional music systems let you enjoy your favorite sounds while relaxing in your spa or entertaining in your backyard.  8'4" x 7' 7" x 38"H (2.54m x 2.31m x .97m H)

Grandee Hot Tub: Grandee Spa 39 7 The Grandee® spa, with its expansive, Barrier-Free design, provides plenty of room for a party of seven. Two Moto-Massage® DX jets let two people enjoy a terrific back massage at the same time. The BellaFontana® hot tub water feature adds to the overall ambiance, with three illuminated arcs of water.  8' 4" x 7' 7" x 38"H (2.54m x 2.31m x .97m H)

Envoy Hot Tub: Envoy Spa 39 5 The Envoy® spa delivers outstanding performance with 39 jets, including the Moto-Massage® DX jet, and two 2.0 horsepower jet pumps. A comfortable lounge and a recliner seat with wrist and calf jets soothe and refresh. The three JetStream® jets in the footwell system provide exceptional foot therapy. Advanced Tri-X® filters keep the water clear and fresh.  7' 9" x 7' 5" x 36"H (2.36m x 2.26m x .91m H)

Vanguard Hot Tub: Vanguard Spa 32 6 The Vanguard hot tub, winner of a Consumers Digest Best Buy award, is extremely energy efficient. It features a Moto-Massage® DX jet and a Moto-Massage® jet, each with a Quartet® jet system, to soothe your neck, shoulders and back. Its comfortable seating, styled armrests, and SoothingStream™ water feature provide maximum relaxation.  7' 3" x 7' 3" x 36"H (2.20m x 2.20m x .91m H)

SovereignHot Tub: Sovereign Spa 23 6 Roomy enough to treat you and five friends like royalty, the contemporary styling of the Sovereign® spa makes a beautiful addition to anyone's castle. Its extra long lounge, expansive Barrier-Free seating, extensive jet variety and Everwood® cabinet make the Sovereign our most popular choice.  6' 8" x 7' 9" x 33"H (2.03m x 2.36m x .84m H)

Prodigy Hot Tub: Prodigy Spa 19 5 A spacious five-person spa, the Prodigy® spa features a variety of hot tub jet configurations in six seating locations. From the soft yet penetrating full back massage of ten Precision® Jet Cluster™, to the invigorating lower back massage of a powerful JetStream® jet, a customized hydromassage experience awaits.  6' 2" x 7' 3" x 33"H (1.88m x 2.21m x .84m H)

Jetsetter Hot Tub: Jetsetter Spa 14 3 The Jetsetter® spa is perfect for one, two or three users. The lounge seat has a Moto-Massage® jet for your back, Precision® jets for your neck and shoulders, and a JetStream® jet for your feet so you can relax in style. Two Jet Cluster systems provide additional hydromassage options.  7' x 5' 5" x 29"H (2.13m x 1.65m x .74m H)

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